Lake Area Community Band Board Minutes – March 5, 2018

Present: Joey, Gary, Dan, Doug, Fran, Brad

 Fran opened meeting at 6:04 with prayer.

Minutes from February 5, 2018 – Gary motioned to accept minutes as submitted. Doug seconded. Approved.

Treasurer’ s report reviewed in Jim’s absence. Feb. income $0.00. Contribution to Trailer fund now stands at $9,025. Expenses for February - $320.76. Gary motioned to accept minutes. Dan seconded. Approved.

Fran reviewed concert schedule that Joey prepared for distribution to Band members.

  • Nine concerts are scheduled and a possible 10th at the Greenwood Community Band Festival depending on the members decision to attend.
  • It was noted that the Warsaw Park schedule is already set for 2018. Need to contact in December for 2019.
  • The Close of Season Picnic was set for 9/23 and will again be at Dan B’s place on Lake Wawasee.

Inventory of the Band equipment in the trailer needs to be taken and replacement value determined for insurance.

  • Gary has made some progress.
  • May 12th was set as “Trailer Cleaning” day and inventory can be checked at the same time.

 Joey reported on Band PR.

Posters for recruitment of recent High School graduates (or recommended students) were sent to area High School Band directors.

Posters of the Band Concerts for the 2018 season will be made. Concert programs will also be printed. Also noted that a more and regular posting of activities on the Band’s Face Book account is needed. Recruitment Award Gift Card will be given to Bill Trame for the highest number recruited in 2017. The Recruitment Incentive will be continued for the 2018 Season.

Trailer key holders: Noted that Fran, Gary, Dave Betz and Joey have keys.

Trailer storage: Reminder to keep looking for an indoor and secure place for keeping the trailer.

New Trailer Funding - Nothing new to report. Band Shirts – Brad will be ordering new shirts to replenish inventory. He asked that some else be in charge of the shirt distribution. He will talk to Jeff France about taking the responsibility.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Gary. Seconded by Doug. Adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Next meeting is 4/9, 6 p.m. at the Wawasee Middle School .

Submitted by Brad Baum